Behavioural Support

What is Behavioural Support?

At Back to Basics, we view behaviour support as identifying and tailoring strategies to support and reinforce appropriate behaviour. We aim to empower families and support workers to ensure the best quality of life for their family member to reduce the dependence on regulated restrictive practices surrounding their family member.

Our aim is to ensure personalised, client centred and evidence-based support to individuals, families and professionals in regards to any behaviours of concern.

We endeavour to collaborate with Behaviour Support Practitioners and other supports in the individuals care team to create an appropriate Behaviour Support Plan that reflects the individual holistically. In this plan,  we work toward implementing proactive and environmental strategies to assist in the reduction of frequency and intensity of the identified behaviours of concern.

Behaviour Support Practitioner may be able to help with:

  • Development of a Behaviour Support Plan 

  • Data Collection  

  • Communication/Social Skill training 

  • Delivery of training to other professionals 

  • Relationship building/skills 

  • Support in identifying triggers for behaviours

  • Implementing appropriate strategies to be utilised in the individuals environment and generalised in other environments

  • Empowering families and support to understand and be able to identify the function of behaviours

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