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The Back To Basics Team is Growing

Back to Basics continues to maintain the vision of remaining boutique. The quality of our therapy services over the quantity is something we value and prioritise. Each and every family we work with should receive the same care and support as we would expect to receive for ourselves or our family. This same mindset applies to our team. We are slowly growing our Back to Basics Family.

Learning & Development

Within the Back to Basics team, we always want to identify and celebrate how unique and impressive our team is. This is highlighted in our team meetings where professionals  share feedback they have received from families and professionals, and progress that they have made in relation to the goals they have achieved with families and individuals.

Development Plans

Every team member is assigned a supervisor who will complete their formal supervision and mentoring. We are unique in our view on supervision as this does not have to occur only at a designated time. Each of our team members go above and beyond and will provide support and advice whenever someone in our team needs it. As a mobile service we are aware of the barriers and potential feeling of isolation but want to ensure that each person feels supported.

Meetings & Social Events

Never has it been more important to ensure we have continuous support and interactions with our team. Every fortnight we have a team meeting which on occasions will become a social event where we purchase a meal and share our experiences in work and our life. Support extends beyond just our work practices and often our team will support someone in more ways than one.

Evidence Based Approaches

Our desire to continue to develop each other’s skills and provide evidence based approaches is a strength of our team. Each and every member will share articles and professional development courses to support the notion of evidence based practices. As a part of our team meeting process, workshops and any resources are shared with our team which has seen a development in our skill set across multiple areas.

Development & Training

Each year, each staff member is provided with a $250 professional development budget to go towards a course or workshop they wish to complete. In addition to this, it is customary that the admin will purchase courses throughout the year which benefit the team.

Technology & Comms

We are always looking at ways to improve our services and our ability to communicate to each other and work on shared programs. We utilise a cloud based system and these platforms continue to transform the way we work as a team and increase our efficiency and productivity.

Our Values

 We are continually looking for that special person to complement and develop with our amazing team. We are in the process of finding a new Speech Pathologist to complement our multidisciplinary team.

Person centred and strength based approach to ensure supports are holistic for all therapy needs.

Ensuring a collaborative approach within the multidisciplinary team and the community they access.

Dynamic approach to therapy to ensure individualised supports.

Ensuring respectful relationships within the community and team who support the individual.

Provide a safe and supportive environment to ensure all individuals are valued and respected.

Compassionate care at the forefront of our minds.

Workplace Culture

Our commitment to our team is unique in the field of disability where organisations are extremely busy. We aim to provide the most supportive and flexible work environment where each and every one of us is excited to work. We do not believe in hierarchy of status at Back to Basics. Each and every team member is as valuable as another and are treated with the upmost respect and care.

Our Team is Our Family

Our biggest value is ‘family.’ Our team is our family, and we support and care for each other as we would do for our immediate family. This ongoing support makes you feel that you are never alone and that you can ask anyone within the team for support on professional and personal matters. The ‘Back to Basics Family,’ extends to our clients and their families which is a unique way of conducting therapy sessions.


Communication is an important aspect for any organisation and something we do remarkably well as a team. Our team is incredibly supportive that at the touch of a button or a text message to return your phone call, each and every team member is there to help. Formal supervision is one aspect of supervision but knowing that you can call on someone when you have a question or want to reflect on things whenever you like is something you do not see often.

Continued Growth & Development

Continued growth and development are at the forefront of our minds. Together as a team we strive to continue to look at other opportunities for growth and development in addition to developing new innovative programs. 2022 is going to be a huge year for Back to Basics Health Group!

Work & Life Balance

Work & Life balance is important and here at Back to Basics Health Group we encourage each team member to take the time to recharge.

We Value You

As an organisation everyone’s voice is valued. From the team to our parent advisory group, we consider everyone’s opinion before implementing a new policy or consider a new direction. No matter how new a team member is their opinions and recommendations are important and valued as part of the larger team.


Working at Back To Basics

“Back to Basics Health Group, prides itself on the principles of person-centred practice, family inclusive practice, with an important focus on increasing a participant and family’s Quality of Life. As a Social Worker/Behavioural therapist, these are principles which guide my practice, so to be able to work alongside clinicians and for an organisation which prides itself on  these standards and values, drives my passion as a clinician.

Working at Back to Basics, has provided me with me with the opportunities to grow and develop as a clinician.  Ongoing Professional Development is strongly encouraged, and ongoing training occurs as a team internally and externally.

I enjoy working with different allied-health professional. We work as a multi-disciplinary team, and thus consult with each other to provide the best care to participants, families and services.  This also provides me with opportunities to learn different perspectives from diverse professionals.

I feel supported both professionally and personal with the compassionate and accommodating management and team.  This allows for me to have flexibility with work and family commitments.”


Social Worker/Behavioural Support Practitioner

“Back to Basics Health Group has given me the flexibility, support and career progression above what I had dreamed of experiencing in a workplace. Being a part of the team is wonderful and I couldn’t think of a better place to work. I feel as though the culture and support at Back to Basics is shown to the participants and the families we support, so the proof is in the pudding there.”


Speech Pathologist

“Through Back to Basics, I get the opportunity to work with a whole range of people of different backgrounds and ages which is both rewarding and challenges my skills. This ensures no two days are the same and has allowed me to continue to develop new and varied skill sets. This has ultimately helped those clients I support.

The relationships I’ve been able to form with clients and their families has been fantastic. Back to Basics takes a more relaxed and personable approach to therapy which has enabled me to be myself when interacting with clients and enables me to feel genuine about the interactions we have.

The team at back to basics has remained close knit and personable. I often find team members providing informal support to one another over a coffee or lunch. This allows us to collaborate and ensure we’re bringing a range of skills sets back to our clients, while also providing a warmth that makes it an enjoyable organisation to be a part of.”


Occupational Therapist

“The recruitment process for Back to Basics Health Group was a positive experience for me. 

I was quite nervous before my first interview and the fact that there were going to be multiple interviewers added to my nerves.

However, as soon as I met the team members in the interview I felt at ease and knew I had to join this team. I appreciated the open communication that happened during the interview and was impressed by the team’s perspective and outlook for the future. The entire process was transparent, informative and we discussed my expectations from the first interaction. I don’t believe I would have received this elsewhere.”


Occupational Therapist

“I joined B2B Health group in March 2023 and they have made me feel so welcome. I have found everyone to be supportive, because after all, this is what helps the clients to achieve their goals! What really appealed to me was not only the client demographics (an area I was interested in), but also the fact that these clients have worked with the founder, Andrew, for many years, showing a loyalty and commitment rarely seen in todays health organisations. I like working in a small team, where everyone knows each other, there are shared clients and a chance for interdisciplinary working – all of these pull together for the benefit of the client.

There are opportunities for employees to follow their passions where training and education is concerned, and to share this learning with the rest of the team during monthly training sessions. Back to Basics promotes a healthy work/life balance, understanding what a mentally healthy workforce is better equipped to deal with some of the challenges that may come our way. There are regular social events, to promote connections outside of the work sphere, as well as strengthen those working relationships.”


Speech Pathologist


Meet Our Team

Andrew Charalambous

Andrew Charalambous

B. Sc. (Clin. Sc.), M. H. Sc. (Osteo), B.OccTher

Bryce Coward

Bryce Coward


Jakob Rhodes

Jakob Rhodes


Shaeron Murray

Shaeron Murray

Master of Speech Pathology, CPSP

Helen Charalambous

Helen Charalambous


Alison Yon

Alison Yon

Dip.OE (Primary) Grad Dip OE (Special Education- Emotional and Behavioural Disorders)

Christy Navarini

Christy Navarini

Bachelor of Psychology

Helena Fotakis

Helena Fotakis

Currently Studying Occupational Therapy 3rd Year

Jana Jordan

Jana Jordan

Currently Studying Occupational Therapy 4th Year

Stephanie Castle

Stephanie Castle

Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)

Natalie Greco

Natalie Greco

Admin Team

Sarah Lim

Sarah Lim

Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience), Master of Speech Pathology, Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Career Progression

Team First

Back to Basics Health Group is always putting each team member first in identifying ways to further expand their roles and responsibilities within an organisation.

Loyalty Rewarded

The value of team is important and there will be opportunities in the future for our loyal team to engage in projects which will create further earning capacities. These exciting opportunities and inclusiveness really highlights Back to Basics Health Group’s commitment for continuing to progress each team members career.

Unique Opportunity

Many of the roles within Back to Basics Health Group are contractors roles which provides each team member with the unique opportunity to create your own schedule and case load. This allows team members to balance their home and work commitments in addition to not having any KPI’s assigned.

Continuous Improvement

As part of the continuous improvement plan, a performance review is completed on an annual basis. This review is completed with the team member and their appropriate supervisor or the director to discuss their performance in addition to identifying goals and appropriate career progression for the year to come. This process ensures that all team members are supported to achieve their goals and support their ambition.

Growth Potential

As the team grows extended opportunities have been created with experienced and suitable team members allocated roles where they supervise a team. Team members in more senior roles will be remunerated for their supervision which is market leading.

We Support You

Our team are always willing to support clinicians who have completed their training overseas to achieve Australian registration. We are always looking for that amazing therapist who fits within our growing team.

New Graduate Program

Fit is Everything

At Back to Basics Health Group we consider the person ahead of their level of experience as we thrive on having the right ‘fit,’ for our team. As such we are always willing to support new graduates in their journey to become established therapists.


As part of the induction process, we work together on creating a 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 month plan to ensure the level of support and supervision, professional development and your goal in regards to your caseload is achieved.


Mentoring and supervision is an important aspect for any therapist wanting to continue to build their skills and experiences. No therapist or members of our team ever stops learning. We offer formal weekly supervision sessions with your supervisor in addition to ongoing informal supervision with any member of our team. It is important that you can call upon any member of our team when you need support.

Team Support

Fortnightly staff meetings also provide opportunities for case reviews and support with difficult cases. We have identified ‘behavioural management,’ as an area we all need support on and run a monthly behavioural management workshop to support each team member to become proficient in developing their understanding of managing and identifying challenging behaviours.

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