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Get to know our passionate team who are dedicated to bringing you best practice in Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietitian and Osteopathy Services to children and adults.

Occupational Therapists

Andrew Charalambous

B. Sc. (Clin. Sc.), M. H. Sc. (Osteo), B.OccTher

Andrew is an experienced Occupational Therapist with over 15 years experience working with individuals across their life spans living with a disability.

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Andrew has worked as an Occupational Therapist at a special school and currently contracts to several schools in the Eastern Suburbs. Andrew continues to improve his skills and engages in continued professional development to ensure he provides the most up to date, evidence based therapy for all his clients. Andrew has a particular interest in behavioural management, fine and gross motor development and sensory integration therapy.

Andrew’s goal as an Occupational Therapist is to continue to support individuals become as independent as possible in all aspects of their lives.
Andrew is also a complex home assessor recently completing his certification in this area.

Bryce Coward


Bringing a broad and varied career history, Bryce is a registered occupational therapist having completed his masters of occupational therapy at Swinburne University.

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More than this, he is excited to share his experiences and expertise with clients stemming from his time working as a qualified chef. This experience provides a unique way in which he can support clients through graded approaches to skill acquisition and task planning; particularly in domestic settings.

Bryce also brings experiences through personal training and strength coaching having most recently completed a graduate certificate in exercise rehabilitation. He looks forward to sharing his passion for physical activity, using these skills to support clients in their motor development or offering opportunities for clients to explore the holistic benefits of exercise as an occupation.

With a keen interest in continuing development Bryce continuing to develop his practice in a variety of areas. Most notably; motor development, skill acquisition, sensory integration and upper limb rehabilitation.

Bryce is most looking forward to supporting people within the sector to achieve their goals and make personal growth through discovery of new passions and the acquisition or improvement of new and existing skills.

Jakob Rhodes


Jakob is an Occupational Therapist, who completed his Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Monash University. Jakob‘s motivation and passion for…

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…becoming an Occupational Therapist originated from his experience’s working in the disability field as a support worker for 2 years. Jakob also was able to observe Andrew’s work when completing university volunteer hours; this particular experience showed him the role of OT in the disability sector, and further inspired him to pursue a career in this sector. Jakob is passionate about improving an individuals independent living skills within the home and community and continues to modify expectations and implement strategies to assist the individual to achieve their goals.

Throughout the course of his degree, he has complete a variety of placements including geriatrics and paediatric sectors, which have allowed him to develop his knowledge in the occupational therapy field and further develop his communication skills. The completion of his OT placements, work as a disability support worker (DSW) and work as an allied health assistant (AHA) has allowed Jakob to build relationships with individuals and their families and tailor his practice to work toward client-centred goals. Jakob is excited to continue his journey as an Occupational Therapist with Back to Basics Health Group, to learn and tailor his current practice to be the best it can be. Jakob looks forward to supporting individuals and their families to meet their potential.

Speech Pathologists

Shaeron Murray

Master of Speech Pathology, CPSP

Shaeron completed her Food Marketing Sciences degree in 1990, her Master of Human Nutrition in 2010, before finding her true calling, and completing her Master of Speech Pathology in 2021. 

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In the UK, she worked first as a retail manager, then a call centre manager,
before taking a break from work to become a full time mother to her two
boys. This also coincided with the move to Australia.

She worked as an allied health assistant for 12 years in a hospital setting,
before going to work as a Speech Pathologist,  working in the community with adults with conditions such as stroke, brain injuries resulting from
accidents, degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.
During this time, she was introduced to and worked with some individuals
with conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism and with Intellectual
Disabilities. She soon realised the enjoyment and professional satisfaction
working with this population can bring. 

She believes communication is important for everyone, everyday, in
everything. And that everyone has the right to communicate in their own way,
in their own language. She has an deep interest in augmentative and
alternative communication (AAC) methods, involving low-tech and high-tech
devices, knowing they can support communication for a wide variety of
individuals. She also knows that AAC takes time to learn and involves the
whole family; it’s like learning a whole new language and it takes time. She
likes connecting with her clients and their families, working with them to
develop functional goals and therapy tasks, always placing them at the
centre of the decision making.

She loves furthering her knowledge through formal courses and informal
mentoring, to ensure her clients receive the best therapy and interventions.
She has engaged in various supporting courses to supplement her knowledge,
including Accidental Counselling, Function goal setting, and Building
Communication with AAC, amongst others.

She has supported many individuals in strengthening and regaining their
ability to swallow and eat their preferred food and drinks. She understands
the importance of being able to eat and drink, as many social occasions
revolve around meals. And how important it is for overall quality of life.

In her spare time, she is enjoys cycling, keeping fit, paddle boarding, and
hanging out with her family and friends. 

Sarah Lim

Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience), Master of Speech Pathology, Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Sarah is a speech pathologist passionate about supporting people to communicate…

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…and ultimately build connections with others. Sarah has experience working across the lifespan in the community, including early intervention. Sarah has an interest in supporting people of all ages to work towards goals meaningful to them, particularly in the areas of communication, early language, speech sounds, and social communication.

Sarah graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters of Speech Pathology in 2020. She has published a research article was on the impacts of the childcare and adversity on children’s language outcomes. Sarah has experience with speech delays and disorders, language delays, deaf and hard of hearing (including children with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants), social skills, and communication devices.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys exploring the outdoors, travelling, and spending time with loved ones (including her cat).

Behaviour Support Practitioners

Helen Charalambous


Helen completed her Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Arts (Major in Criminology and minor in Sociology) at Monash University at the end of 2012. 

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Helen is currently also completing a Diploma in Counselling.  She has completed the online Applied Behavioural Analysis Training through ABA Link this year Helen has over 8 years’ experience in the social work sector (with Children, family and Youth), working with both mandatory and non-mandatory clients with experience in management and supervisory roles.

She has worked extensively with children and youth with high risk behaviours and assisted families with this. Helen is a behavioural support practitioner providing support for individuals with complex behaviours. Helen has experience developing behavioural support plans (BSP) and completing functional behavioural assessments to inform the BSP.

Alison Yon

Dip.OE (Primary) Grad Dip OE (Special Education- Emotional and Behavioural Disorders)

Alison is a highly experienced Special Education Teacher who who has worked in the Department of Education…

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…for over 20 years. She has always had a keen interest in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder and graduated from Deakin University with a Graduate Diploma of Education (Special Education) with a major in emotional and behavioural disorders.

Alison has been a teacher at Eastern Ranges School (formerly Wantirna Heights School) in Ferntree Gully for the past 17 years. She has taught students from Foundation to Year 12 and in recent years has been responsible for the development and delivery of the Functional and Applied Learning Pathway for Year 11 and 12 students which is focused on improving students independent living and communication skills.

Alison has had vast experience working with students that exhibit Behaviours of Concern, have communication difficulties and high support needs to develop their self-regulation skills and Activities for Daily Living. Alison has always had a focus on teaching students to be as independent as possible as they develop the skills to become valued members of their communities. She has worked with young people and adults outside of the education setting with a range of diagnoses and behaviour support requirements.

Alison has completed a variety of courses that focus on positive behavioural approaches to preventing and managing extreme and challenging behaviours, understanding and utilising preventative approaches for teaching and reinforcing positive behaviour and behaviour response planning. Alison is passionate about developing effective strategies for people that are person centred and can support them consistently across all of their environments as they journey through their lives.

Christy Navarini

Bachelor of Psychology

Christy completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology overseas. She has over 7 years of experience working in a variety of fields, including children and their families and relatives, kindergarten…

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patients with HIV and Cancer, Terminally ill patients and their families in the Hospital and ICU, also working with large companies such as Stock Market providing behavioural support and training for leaders, managers, and employees.  Recently Christy has worked as a Support worker and House Manager with clients with Learning Disabilities, Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD, and other Mental Health Issues. She has made significant contributions to the clients’ lives by helping them with personal care, life skills, engagement with the services, facility-based activities, indoor and outdoor activities, and workouts, among others.  Due to her passion for learning, Christy is also completing Certificate IV in Disability and Medications and Neuroscience online course.

Allied Health Assistants

Helena Fotakis

Currently studying Occupational Therapy 3rd Year

Helena is currently completing her 3rd year in a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and will be joining the Team as an Allied health assistant (AHA).

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As Helena has progressed in her studies it has ignited a passion in her to be able to provide others with the opportunity to live fulfilling and meaningful life. Helena’s studies have taught her the important skills required to take on this role. These include effective communication skills and working well with a team.

Helena has experience working as a disability support worker. This role has instilled her with the ability to form meaningful relationships with clients and understand the importance in being client centred.

Helena is very excited to become part of the team as an AHA, as she is motivated to expand her skills that will contribute to her future role as an OT. She is also very keen to be one step closer in making a positive difference in other people’s lives.


Jana Jordan

Currently studying Occupational Therapy 4th Year

Jana is currently completing her final year in a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at ACU and will be joining the Team as an Allied health assistant (AHA).

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Jana continues to strive to provide support to all clients with a focus on client centred.
Throughout her degree Jana has completed a range of placements which have reinforced her passion for helping individuals and have helped develop her communication skills and knowledge around Occupational Therapy.

Jana enjoys keeping fit and playing team sports such as netball and football. Jana has worked in a customer service role for the past seven years which has allowed her to develop a range of skills which are transferable into the allied health field.


Stephanie Castle

Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)

Steph has completed a Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences (majoring in Food Science) and then went on to complete a Masters in Dietetics at Deakin University, graduating in 2020.

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Steph has a passion for working collaboratively and holistically with individuals in supporting their nutrition needs. Steph works within a non-diet space and endeavours to help improve overall health while supporting individual’s goals and needs. Steph has experience within different settings of health care from clinical (hospital), community, and private practice. Her true passion lies with empowering individuals to expand their nutrition and food choices, as well helping liberate food choice and bring joy to food and diet.

Steph is continually looking to expand her knowledge and areas of interest. She has completed courses such as IBS Management: The Low FODMAP Diet (GI Institute) and is interested in many different nutrition areas such chronic disease and food/eating behaviours


Andrew Charalambous

B. Sc. (Clin. Sc.), M. H. Sc. (Osteo), B.OccTher

Andrew graduated from Victoria University with a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) receiving the Osteopathy Australia graduate prize as dux of his year level whilst also…

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…receiving the Victoria University Medal of Excellence as the most outstanding postgraduate student. Andrew incorporates a number of techniques in his treatment regime which include soft tissue techniques, mobilisation, manipulation and indirect treatments such as BLT (Balance Ligamentous tension) and counterstrain. Andrew is also qualified in Level 2 myofascial dry needling and cupping which adds another treatment option for his patients.  Andrew continues to explore other treatment modalities to support an individuals recovery from injury. Andrew has completed a theragun massage course as well as numerous rehabilitation courses. Andrew can proficiently treat any type of musculoskeletal complaint including back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, joint pain and sports injuries through a combination of hands on treatment, advice and rehabilitation.

Coupled with his unique ability to incorporate Occupational Therapy principles in his treatment plans, Andrew is excited to support your recovery from your injury.

Admin Team

Natalie Greco

You will all get to meet Natalie, Back to Basics admin guru. Natalie comes to Back to Basics with a wealth of experience as a personal assistant and an administration…

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…assistant for large companies in many different areas.

Natalie loves to spend time with her young family and in her quiet time enjoys reading a book and spending time with her friends and family.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are health professionals who use a holistic approach to  assist individuals who may be experiencing delays and difficulties in their development.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists are health care professionals who assess, diagnose and treat individuals who have  difficulties with speech, communication, eating and swallowing.


Osteopathy is a form of manual healthcare which recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it primarily functions.

Behaviour Support

We aim to empower families and support workers to ensure the best quality of life for their family member to reduce the dependence on regulated restrictive practices surrounding their family member.


Dietitians are health care professions who support individuals in creating and reviewing a nutritional meal plan to support your diet choices as well as work with other allied health professionals to manage food.

Allied Health Assistant

Allied Health Assistant’s (AHA’s) work with allied health professionals supporting the implementation of tasks and programs delegated to them by allied health practitioners to maximise the outcomes for the patient.

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