Who We Support

Here at Back to Basics Health Group we believe that our roles as allied health professionals are not limited to a particular age. A disability is life long and the ongoing support is imperative in ensuring that each individual living with a disability is able to live as independently as possible and maintain the best quality of life.

Back to Basics Health Group

Support Through Life

Back to Basics is dedicated in providing support in many different therapies using evidence based approaches. Our team consists of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, behaviour support practitioners, dietitians, allied health assistants, teachers, social workers, osteopaths and developmental educators.


Early Childhood (ECI) – Up to 7 Years

At Back to Basics Health Group, we understand the importance and critical nature of the early years of development. It is our belief that working on the development of social skills, independent engagement, motor skills, behaviour management and communication are essential in supporting children in important transitions such as kinder and school.

During this phase education of parents and caregivers is imperative in understanding the basics foundations in best supporting the child’s individual needs and using their strengths to develop their deficits

Children/Adolescents – 7 Years to 18 Years

Support throughout the individuals entire schooling years whether an individual finishes year 12 is imperative in supporting an individual in their overall independence. The development of social skills, motor skills, behaviour management, communication skills and independent living skills are some of the areas we can provide support with as the individual transitions through many developmental milestones.

Adults – 18 Years and Above

As we continue to observe as adolescents transition into the workforce or the adult day program world, we can see the importance of ongoing support for every person undertaking this major transition. Many challenges arise including a change in living arrangements, obtaining a job, and accessing the community. We continue to strive to assist every person we work with to become as independent as possible and continue to strive to become an active member of their community.

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