Healthy eating and what does it look like?


The question of ‘what is healthy eating’ is something I get asked a lot and there is so much confusion and misinformation it can be difficult to know exactly what is right and wrong!

In a general sense a healthy diet is one that has a variety of foods from our 5 main food groups, according to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.


The 5 food groups are:

  • Vegetables
  • Wholegrains
  • Meat (and meat alternatives)
  • Dairy (and dairy alternatives)
  • Fruits


Each food group gives us different nutrients and the energy we need to thrive!


Everyone’s requirements are different depending on things such as age, gender, lifestyle factors and even exercise levels. The picture shows us a pictorial representation of the groups. You may have previously known a ‘food pyramid’ demonstrating the different food groups, however it has changed a little over time..


What about ‘unhealthy’ foods?

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite foods by any means! Healthy eating means you are able to enjoy ALL foods as a part of an overall balanced diet. It is when the balance of less-healthy food choices or ‘sometimes foods’ outweighs our nourishing or ‘heathier’ foods.


Remember though, healthy eating can look different for everyone! The best recommendation is to follow a balanced diet that doesn’t have extreme removal of foods/food groups (unless you’re allergic of course) and is one that you enjoy!


If you are struggling or wanting to find out more about your own diet, speak with a Dietitian or qualified nutritionist.


To find out more about our healthy eating guidelines: